04 Dec 2015

For those new to the NBA games, the different modes available in the latest release of NBA 2K16 are sure to be confusing.(click buy NBA 2k coins) Thankfully, we’ve put together a guide of the modes available to play in NBA 2K16 and what those modes offer.
So if you’re planning on picking up NBA 2K16, these are the modes you’ll be playing.
Single Player
If you’re looking to play NBA 2K16 on your own, these are the modes that are available in the game’s single player offering.
Career Mode – The main bulk of the game’s single player comes in its career mode, or “MyCAREER” as it’s known in the game. This mode follows a progressive story, written and directed by Spike Lee, who you may have heard of. Career mode is represented by a series of chapters in your career and will have you making a series of decisions that overall affect the progression of your character.
If you’re looking for something of a traditional game mode, that’s what you’ll find in MyCAREER and a good bulk of content too.
General Manager – The other side of the game’s single player comes in the form of General Manager. This mode will see you assume the role of an NBA General Manager and control aspect every aspect of the game. This can include anything from negotiating contracts to setting the prices of food in your stadium.
If you’re looking for something a little bit more competitive NBA 2K16’s online modes are sure to provide what you’re looking for. These are those online modes.
League Mode – League mode or “MyLEAGUE online” as it’s known is the bulk of NBA 2K16’s online offering andallows players to go head to head in a full 30 team league. The online league mode includes everything you’d expect from an NBA (click buy NBA 2k mt) league, including trades, signing and playoffs. This is a true NBA league experience.
Team Mode – The most customisable team mode ever seen in an NBA game. You’ll be able to customise everything, including your team’s logo, jerseys and arenas. If you’re looking for a comprehensive team battle mode, this is where you want to head.
Play Now Online – The simplest of NBA 2K16’s online offerings. This quick play mode allows you to jump into an online game and go head to head with other players. 1v1 online games are built for current generation consoles, including PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, a limited version is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game.
My Park – My Park offers a community aspect to NBA 2K16’s online. You’ll be able to join an online community and interact with other players. From here you’ll also be able to take on other players and attend competitive events.
My Park nicely ties together NBA 2K16’s many online elements on one great hub.
In conclusion, NBA 2K16 is packed full of more modes than ever before. The mode you choose to play really depends on what you’re looking for in the game.

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